Super soft organic cotton- friendly to a new born's skin, but also an ocean friendly material!

Light green, longsleeved tee. Blue surfperch.

super soft fair-trade certified organic cotton. Lap shoulder neckline for ease of dressing stretchable 1x1 baby-rib knit. It is medium-heavy wt. ring-spun, combed cotton and dyed with low-impact dyes. 


Original artwork by Emma Hurley of NorthCoast Brine

Each item is hand printed- minor variations in ink thickness, color and placement may occur.


Designed in Point Arena and Santa Cruz, CA

Printed with love in Santa Cruz, CA



Walleye Surfperch- Hyperprosopon argenteum

SUSTAINABILITY: Abundant. Not commonly eaten. The commercial fishery is small, they reproduce quickly and have short lives.

Range/Habitat: Baja to British Columbia. Nearshore species forming large schools most commonly over sandy bottom and bays/estuaries. 

Diet: small crustaceans and plankton.

Natural History: They are able to reproduce at a year old, having live births- eggs develop within  the female. Short lived species- 5-6 years.

Organic Cotton Surfperch Baby Tee


    BRINE \ˈbrīn\

    water saturated or strongly impregnated with salt; the water of the sea

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