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Love your watershed. 

The interface between land and sea with water as the connecting thread.


A drainage basin. A connected network of water: all streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and underlying groundwater.Most watersheds drain to our oceans. Fresh water draining off the land into small creeks, turning into larger and larger rivers and waterways carry nutrients and dissolved minerals into the Sea. They provide a means for aquatic life to come and go between fresh and salt waters. Anadromous fish are born high up in the watershed but travel down to live their adult lives in the ocean. These salmonids, lamprey and other species travel back up their natal watershed to end live in reproduction.

Likewise, part of each watershed includes the water draining off of roads and through storm drains in our cities. These carry pollution from land (excess sediment, chemicals, oil and plastics) to the oceans. How we live our lives on land influences the entirety of our watershed from puddle to sea. Learn your watershed. Love your watershed. That is the first step to protecting it.

What is YOUR Watershed?


Heather brown tee with light blue screen print on back.

Soft tee with very standard unisex sizing. Presahrunk

52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% poly,

4.2 oz Tee


S -34"-37"


L- 42"-45"

XL- 46"-49"

XXL- 50"-53"

From the Land to Sea Tee

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