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Macrocystis pyrifera

Giant kelp Frond

Printed in black on a dusty blue tee


Soft tee with very standard unisex sizing. Presahrunk

52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% poly,

4.2 oz Tee


Ecology: This is the largest kelp in the world, growing up to 50m. It is the second fastest growing plant in the world, achieving 2ft a day. Giant Kelp forms forests under the water providing food, shelter and a place to anchor for many species. Nursery for juvenile fish. Kelp beds slow currents and wind down, creating a protected calm environment for ocean species and for surfers!

Range: Baja to Alaska, and in the cool southern oceans near South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. In California, it makes up the dominate kelp species in the South and Central part of the state.

Uses: Moderately harvested for food and for aquaculture. Harvest has recently been increasing.

Conservation: Affected by pollution, by warming waters, whether they are natural (La Nina/El Nino occurrences) or exasperated via climate change, and by overabundance of sea urchin. Kelp worldwide has been in the decease, though in California the Giant Kelp is one of the better off species. It can handle warmer water than Bull Kelp and grows where there are sea otter populations keeping sea urchins in check.

S -34"-37"


L- 42"-45"

XL- 46"-49"

XXL- 50"-53"

Macrocystis Kelp Tee

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