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Tips for eating life from the Sea: Join a CSF

Tips for eating life from the Sea: Join a CSF Many of us are familiar with CSAs- Community Supported Agriculture, where one a week you receive a bag of beautiful fresh vegis and fruit directly from a farm. If you live in Santa Cruz or the Bay Area you can join a Community Supported Fishery share program and receive beautiful fresh fish already filleted and ready to cook.

OCEAN2TABLE Check out a CSF out of Santa Cruz also offered to Bay Area residents. Fish are caught locally from the ports of Santa Cruz, Moss Landing and Half-Moon Bay- all fish offered are sustainable, very fresh and on top of that more affordable than going into a grocery store. Hopefully this trend will spread to other areas of the CA coast.

Just keep in mind- fish availability is seasonal; you will be receiving fish that are in season, no salmon in the middle of January! The share changes depending on what seasons are open and what fish is abundant

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